2017 World Social Day Poster Competition

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Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2016, 6pm Central European Time (CET)

World Social Work Day (WSWD) is celebrated in all countries on the third Tuesday March and is the high point of the global social work calendar.

Each year a new poster is designed to fit a specific theme that the profession has chosen. The posters are displayed in social work services, in universities; social work schools/department, in government offices and the poster are also made into banners and used in community activities.

WSWD poster have increasing been translated in many of the worlds languages. The 2015 poster was translated into more than 45 languages.

The International Federation of Social Workers is now holding a competition for the design of the 2017 World Social Work Day. The special theme for this poster is Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability and we are seeking submissions with imagery relevant to this theme.

The poster must include the words:

World Social Work Day, 21st March 2017

Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability


Submissions must be sent by email before November 30th 2016 to: global@ifsw.org 

Guidelines for submitting a poster:

  1. A maximum of 3 posters may be entered per participant or group of participants. The competition is open to anyone including people that use social work services, students, social workers and any one else.
  1. Your poster(s) must be sent digitally by email to: global@ifsw.org
  1. By submitting your poster to this competition you are confirming that that all the artwork / imagery included is your original work and the IFSW is free to use the images for the World Social Work Day or for a similar social work promotional event. If your artwork / image is not your own you must obtain the original artists permission before submitting it and include any details for the publication of the material along with your submission.
  1. By submitting a poster you are agreeing that your design and or wording can be edited by IFSW for the final publication.
  1. The images must have a good resolution for A4. (150 dpi)


  1. All submissions will be included in the judging process.
  1. The posters will be judged on their content, concept, and value will be placed on design work.
  1. The wording of the theme is clearly included in the poster:

‘World Social Work Day, 21st March 2017’ ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’.

  1. The design and image relevance to the theme
  1. That the poster provides a positive message of social work’s contributions to community and environmental sustainability.
  1. That the poster opens dialogue and provokes discussion.

The winner will be announced on the 15th December 2017.


The poster designer’s name will be acknowledged on the poster which is expected to be a worldwide icon for the profession for 2017. It is expected that the wording on the poster will be translated into more than 40 languages and will be used multimedia and mainstream media throughout the world.

In addition to this significant exposure the winner of the competition will be receive a IFSW Friend life long subscription (normally costing US$600) entitling her, him or them to free access to the International Journal of Social Work and discounts on conference registrations and IFSW books.