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IFSW Europe Regional Conference – Denifity program

IFSW Regional Europe Conference on  Marginalization in Social work in a changing society, has presented the final program of workshops and presentations with almost 100 spaces leaded by professionals of 28 countries. Participants will engage in a stimulating professional discussions on how social work is evolving with new groups being marginalized in Europe in the changing society of the 21st Century and how we can promote sustainable communities. . Check the website of the Conference to get all the information

Currently, there are more than 500 participants registered from 37 countries, and there is still time to register!  (click here) The theme of the conference, Marginalization in Social work in a changing society with sustainability and social work as a subtheme relates well to the situtation in Europe now and social workers have a need to discuss and share experiences.

We look forward to seeing you all, there!

IFSW Europe President, Ana Lima, on SWSW Day at the UN – Geneve

Our President, Ana Lima-Fernandez,  together with Rory Truell, General secretary of IFSW celebrated WSW Day 2017 participating in the event on Social Work and Sustainable Development at the UN in Geneva,.

Every year in March people throughout the world celebrate World Social Work Day. The International Association of Schools of Social Work ( and the International Federation of Social Workers ( have introduced the annual celebration, jointly organised by their respective Representations at the UN in New York and Geneva. Objectives of WSWD at the UN are: To strengthen existing or to establish new contacts, cooperation and partnership with UN organisations and with allied international NGOs. To spread knowledge about social work, its values, principles and methods in practice and theory among UN-organisations and allied international NGOs. – To highlight social work actions, policies and achievements in the pursuit of common goals. To disseminate the knowledge about UN activities,  goals, program and campaigns among social workers and social work organisations and schools.

Click here to see  the presentations on Social Work and Sustainable Development (UN channel)

Click here to see her speech where she highlights the achievements of social work to defend social justice, social development and human rights.


WSW Day Message from the IFSW European Regional Executive

WSWD Message by IFSW President Asia-Pacific Region Mariko Kimura


9th November 2016

Helga Thorolfsdottir  and Lena Dominelli, keynote Speakers for IFSW European Conference 2017 “Marginalization and Social Work in a Changing Society”. More information

 helga-thorolfsdottir  lena-photo-s-jpg2_

1st November 2016

IFSW European Conference 2017 “Marginalization and Social Work in a Changing Society” has made available funds to provide support for 6 delegates to attend the Conference. The scholarship covers the Early Bird Registration fee. Priority is given to social work practitioners who are members of IFSW Europe‘s member associations whos abstract has been approved. More information

20th September 2016

Registration for IFSW European Conference is open! We look forward to seeing you in Iceland May 2017. More information

1st April 2016


Dear Colleagues!

The IFSW European Conference 2017 will be held in Iceland on the 28th to the 30th of May 2017 and the theme is:

Marginalization and Social Work in a Changing Society.

The Programme Committee with members from IFSW Europe executive and the Icelandic Association of Social Workers has decided to use a similar approach to the call for abstracts as for the IFSW European Conference in 2015:

We ask member Associations of IFSW Europe to advertise for and nominate the five best abstracts proposals from their countries and submit the abstracts to the programme committee in Iceland, before 1st of June 2016.

It is important that the workshops and presentations have a strong focus on the theme of the conference, i.e. Marginalization in a changing society.

It is possible to submit an abstract for:

· Workshop up to one hour.

· Presentation of 15 minutes and 5 minutes discussion.

· Posters.

Deadline is the 1st of June 2016.
We hope that your participation in selecting the workshops and presentations will ensure we have a quality programme.

We think that you know the social workers doing interesting and innovative work.
Please send all abstracts before 1st of June 2016 to the conference organiser: and we ask you to fill out the form attached. If you have any questions you can also send queries to the same email address.
All participants in the Conference, including presenters, have to registrate for the Conference.

You can find all information on this website

And please like IFSW European Conference 2017 Facebook page.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Iceland in May 2017.

Best wishes

María Rúnarsdóttir,

President of IASW


15th March 2016

Leaflet WSWD 2016 in Brussels


Programme WSWD 2016 in Brussels

Celebrating World Social Work Day in Belgium | 14th March 2016

The International Federation of Social Workers – European Region (IFSW Europe) along with the European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW) and Union Professionnelle Francophone des Assistants Sociaux (UFAS), IFSW’s Belgian member, celebrated World Social Work Day 2016 at the European Economic and Social Committee (Comité Économique et Social Européen) in Brussels, Belgium on March 14th.
Please see the programme and leaflet of the event.

Photos from the Brussels’ event on World Social Work Day – 14th March 2016 – are available on this link:

Transcript of the proceedings in English

Transcript of the proceedings in French

22nd December 2015


Seasons Greetings from the Icelandic Association of Social Workers and IFSW European Conference 2017
The Icelandic Association of Social Workers wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2016 and hope that it will be a successful year for all social workers.

We are very happy to welcome you to the IFSW European Conference in 2017 that will be held in Iceland on the 28th-30th of May 2017.

We have launched a website for the conference where you can find all the important dates, information on how to travel to Iceland and introduction videos on Iceland and Reykjavik City:

We have also opened a Facebook Page for the website that we encourage you to like and follow:
IFSW European Conference 2017

Welcome to Reykjavík to the IFSW European Conference 28 – 30 May 2017
Merry Christmas!
Kær kveðja,
María Rúnarsdóttir
President of the Icelandic Association of Social Workers


14th December 2015

50 years IFSW Europe

50 Years of IFSW Europe (1965-2015)‏

This year – 2015 – IFSW Europe celebrates 50 years!

A Special Session “Socializing in IFSW Europe – IFSW Europe celebrates 50 years supporting social workers” took place at the conclusion of Day 2 of the European Delegates Meeting in September 2015 in Edinburgh.

Delegates enjoyed a nostalgic and stimulating presentation from Herbert Paulischin, former President of IFSW Europe, about the history of IFSW Europe over its 50 years highlighting achievements, prominent individuals and how the Federation has grown and developed over the years.
Ana Radulescu, former Honorary Secretary of IFSW Europe, and members of the ASproAS from Romania supported his presentation with an exhibition.

A toast with Armenian brandy, gently offered by our colleagues from Armenia, Mira Antonyan and Manane Petrosyan, was made to IFSW Europe as celebration and memories were shared by all the delegates.

Please see our the photo from the moment.
Thanks to IFSW Europe’s designer Maria Mónica for the design of the photo.


9th June 2015


IFSW Europe e.V., International Federation of Social Workers European Region, has the pleasure of inviting social workers to participate in the IFSW European Conference & Social Services Expo 2015, which will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 6 to 9 September 2015.

The Conference will bring together social workers from the fields of intervention and professional practice, policy making and research, and provide an opportunity for social workers to share their experiences, common problems and strategies at the European level.

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is hosting the largest social services event in Europe, held this year within the UK. We will be celebrating the achievements of social work partnerships in Europe and don’t want you to miss out.

The IFSW Europe Executive Committee is excited by the interest expressed towards the Conference across Europe, as well as the high quality of abstracts submitted for the conference workshops.

Looking forward to meet Colleagues in Edinburgh and sharing new experiences across Europe!


20th April 2015


Calling for good practices for the European Observatory

ENSACT has now an online platform to collect data about “good practices”.

It is available at

Please contribute and spread this message through your network, so that more examples of “good practices” can be collected.

The deadline for collecting good practices is the 31st August 2015.

You can find here some documents related to this subject, such as a call for submissions, work plan and dissemination plans.