IFSW Europe aims to have projects running for one-three years to support the work of IFSW Europe across the region. The projects will have different character, but emphasise a broad involvement of the member organisations. The projects have recently been solely managed by IFSW Europe, supported by IFSW Global Regional Development Funds. While the aim is also to apply for non IFSW project funds, e.g. in cooperation with partners.The 1996-1997 Project “Social Exclusion & Social Work in Europe – Facilitating Inclusion” was supported by EU funds.

Social Workers for Transformational and Sustainable Social Protection in Europe

IFSW Europe launched a project that highlights the social work contribution to a transformational and sustainable social protection in Europe

The overall aim of the project proposal is to increase the capacity of IFSW member organisations to influence the development of European Pillar of Social Rights and the White Paper on Future of Europe in the interest of social work services development and service users support, but also for covering the social workers needs for proper resources and tools to help people in needs.

The relevance for this project comes from the fact that IFSW members need to actively engage and actively influencing the social policy in Europe and makes their perspective visible. The project will create the frame to put the IFSW and the social worker’s principles into action. As social workers, as well as IFSW member organisations, we should be involved in the future social and economic of Europe.

The IFSW contribution through the regional project it is related to two areas:

  • To support and contribute to the debates on the Social Pillar in partnership with the European Commission and European Parliament.
  • The White Paper on the Future of Europe. The European Commission will contribute to the debate in the months to come with a series of reflection papers on developing the social dimension of Europe and IFSW can be a direct partner.

The project will be financed under the IFSW Funds. The project has two years duration (2017-2019) and will engage all countries in Europe.

IFSW Europe is inviting the members to be part of developing the social dimension of Europe.

The Social Work Role and Identity Project

The Social Work Role and Identity Project sets out to establish an effective understanding of the state of social work across Europe with a particular focus upon Education, Standards of Practice, the law relating to social work and the health of professional associations. Further information can be accessed here.

The Social Impact of the Financial Crisis

This IFSW Europe e.V. project considered the social impact of the financial crisis.
Information was gathered from across the region and 2 workshops were held:

  1. Zagreb, Croatia, January 2011
  2. Dublin, Ireland, February 2011

The project resulted in a statement on the financial crisis, developed by the Delegates Meeting in April 2011.

The final report from the Executive Committee on the Project: The Social Consequences of the Financial Crisis can be accessed here.

Work on this vitally important area is ongoing and IFSW Europe e.V. is working with a range of partners to continue to lobby about these issues at the highest possible level.

Standards in Social Work Practice Meeting Human Rights

IFSW Europe e.V was pleased to launch the executive summary of the “Standards in Social Work Practice Meeting Human Rights” project in Malta in May 2010. This was the result of the latest project carried out by IFSW Europe.

The project set out to establish the basis for a common framework of Standards in Social Work Practice. The framework is intended to consolidate the basic parameters within which Social Work in Europe operates into a common framework including Ethics, Professional Role, Training and Qualifications and Organisational Contexts for Social Work in Europe. This framework is considered a key step in contributing towards the ongoing development of Standards for Social Work Practice in Europe. At the heart of this work is the consideration that an integral part of Social Work Practice is the realisation of Human Rights.

The full report of the project can be accessed by clicking here.

Four seminars were held across Europe during the Autumn of 2008 to discuss the project.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Madrid, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Berlin, Germany

Social Work Promoting Social Cohesion in Europe (2005-2006)

In 2005-2006 IFSW Europe developed in Europe, a project with the subject: Social Work promoting Social Cohesion in Europe. Social work is a human rights profession which promotes social cohesion in different areas and situations. Social work makes an important contribution to civil society in Europe.

Three workshops (Vienna, Paris and Birmingham), gathering 18 countries all together, discussed how social work in Europe promote social cohesion within the participating countries as well as within Europe as a whole.

The Statement of Social Cohesion produced to complete the project is available to download.

The final report of the project is also available to download.

Social Exclusion and Social Work in Europe – Facilitating Social Inclusion

This major European Union funded project drew together the experiences of socal workers working across the European states and concluded that their special skills have a significant role to play in preventing and counteracting exclusion.

The project revolved around a series of seminars where social workers shared and discussed their experiences of working with marginalised people.

This project dates from 1997 and led onto the 2005-2006 project promoting Social Cohesion in Europe.

Download social exclusion & social work – facilitating inclusion