General Meeting 2014

IFSW is pleased to announce the 2014 General Meeting to be hold in Melbourne (Australia)  on the 6th and 7th of July 2014. Delegates from all member organisations are invited to participate, contribute and make use of their voting rights.

Below is important information for this meeting. This page will be updated regularly.

Meeting Venue:

The General Meeting will be held at The University of Melbourne in the FBE Theatre 1, Building number 105 as per the link below:

Meeting Time:

9am – 5:30pm

Minutes from 2012 General Meeting

Link to IFSW 2012 General Meeting Minutes

Draft Agenda:

Link to the IFSW 2014 General Meeting Draft Agenda


Link to the 2014 nominations for the IFSW Executive Committee


Following the General Meeting the IFSW Executive Committee will also appoint the following two positions. Click the links to see the job descriptions:

Secretary, Human Rights Commission

Secretary, Permanent Committee on Ethical Issues

It is recommended that 1, the candidates have had, at a minimum, executive level experience within their member organisations or their employment positions; and 2, that the candidates are in good standing with the IFSW member organisation of their country.  Candidates must send a statement outlining their vision for the role and a curriculum vitae to the Secretary General ( by June 27th 2014.

Proposed New Policies:

Link to: Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression

Orientación sexual y expresión de género

Link to: Guiding Principles for Social Workers Working with Others to Identify and Protect Children From all Forms of Sexual Abuse

Principios Rectores para Trabajadores Sociales de trabajo conotros para identificar y_proteger a los niños contra todas las formas de abuso sexual


Report from the Global President 

Informe Global del Presidente

Report from the Secretary-General

Presentado por el Secretario General

Report from IFSW Africa Region

Report from IFSW Asia-Pacific Region

Report from IFSW European Region

Report from Latin America and Caribbean Region (English)

Reporte La Región América Latina y Caribe de FITS

Report from IFSW North American Region

IFSW Human Rights Commission Report for General Meeting

Comisión de Derechos Humanos Informe para la Junta General

IFSW Ambassador Report

UN Report New York

UN-Report Nairobi

UN Report Geneva

CoNGO Report

Report from Sage Representative

Report for the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development

La Agenda Global Para el Trabajo Social Y el Reporte Progreso de Social

Report on the review of the global definition of social work

Definicion Global del Trabajo Social

Briefing Papers:

Briefing Paper on Constitutional Review 2014 – 2016 

Documento Informativo de la Revisión Constitucional 2014 – 2016

Briefing Paper on Revised Membership Questionnaire

Motions / Proposals:

Motion from Switzerland on Proposed Global Definition of Social Work

Motion from Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) on the establishment of an Indigenous Committee and background document

Motion from Switzerland on Social Workers Doing Oversees Assessments

Motion from Switzerland on the Role of Social Work in Social Protection Floors

Motion from Palestine: The IFSW as part of its constitutional review taking place between 2014 and 2016 consider the establishment of a new Middle East region

New Member Applications: 

Aotearoa New Zealand (as a Coordinating Body)





Romania (as a Coordinating Body)

Proxy Votes:

A Member may act as proxy for another Member not in attendance. An appointment of a proxy is valid if both the organisation giving and organisation exercising the proxy are financial at the commencement of the General Meeting.The proxy must be received by the Secretary General not later than the commencement of the General Meeting. Please download the proxy form here.

Information for IFSW Members who will be attending the 2014 World Conference

Link to the conference website

IFSW Booth

IFSW will have a booth in the main foyer at the Conference Centre and all IFSW members are warmly invited come and say hello and connect with others.

Jane Hoey Auction

Also please remember to bring items for the Jane Hoey auction as this creates funds to support social work developments in economically disadvantaged countries. Read more about the Jane Hoey fund (link will be installed shortly).

IFSW Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

The Asia-Pacific regional meeting will be on Wednesday 9th July at the conference centre from 9am to 12:30pm. The room is 214  which is on level 2 of the convention centre and right near the concurrent session rooms.