IFSW Full Member

Professional organisations representing social workers at a country-wide level can join IFSW as a full voting member. This level of membership enables your organisation to influence international social work policies and directions. Members enjoy being part of a strong network that provides support within a global community.

Members in this category of IFSW receive:

  • Advocacy for the promotion of social work or social justice, on the members’ behalf, in their country, region, internationally and/or within the United Nations
  • An active culture of sharing and learning across nations, regions and the globe
  • Support for members’ campaigns for social work and social justice outcomes
  • Participation in regional and global conferences
  • Links with other members to improve regional networks and practice based networks
  • Resources and a dedicated International Social Work Journal
  • Access to advertise social work jobs internationally
  • A social work relevant news service

To join IFSW as a nationwide professional organisation representing social workers, or as co-ordinating of two or more social work representative bodies within one country please download the application form.

You can now pay your membership online by visiting our secure payment page