29 May 2017

President IFSW Europe, Ana Lima, welcome speech at European Conference of Social Work

I would like to welcome the authorities who accompany us. I would also like to welcome the colleagues with whom I share a profession and a commitment. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to take part in this exciting experience that is starting right now: the European social work conference. Over the next two days we will share and learn and debate “Marginalisation and social work in a changing society”. This conference’s title could not be more topical. Society: European societies are experiencing a paradigm shift as the result of many factors, but mainly the policies used to confront the economic crisis that affected all of Europe. In this context, our profession has much to say. The future of our fellow citizens depends to a large part on our work. This is the first European conference of the Federation of Social Workers I have taken part in as president of the organisation. I am very proud to be able to represent thousands of social workers from all over Europe. Together we will defend people’s rights. This commitment to economic and social development and human rights is the essence of our DNA.
The search for sustainability is a key part of the fight against marginalisation. We must seek a balance between human and social development and economic development. Only this way can we advance towards equality and solidarity.