9 November 2016

Bangladesh Association of Social Workers Call For Solidarity

IFSW member the Bangladesh Association of Social Workers is calling on all IFSW members to sign a petition calling on international companies to take responsibility for workers safety and wellbeing whether they are employed directly or in a supply chain.

The Bangladesh Association of Social Workers has been an active advocate for workers right for many years highlighting the appalling conditions, safety standards and wages that workers endure. IFSW highlighted the Bangladesh Association’s work with the survivors of the Rana Building collapse in 2015 (press statement).

Repon Chowdhury, General Secretary of the ASW has written:

“42 people lost their lives due to a tragic fire accident at Tampaco Foils Limited on 10 September 2016. 40 workers were injured seriously and 10 workers are still missing.  Primary findings show that, the fire was caused due to an explosion in the factory but till now the causes of explosion have not been identified.

Further the structure of the factory building was completely unsuitable for industrial production. In addition, the building was cramped, full of flammable materials and had only one exit. Tampaco Foils Ltd is one of the premier companies involved in the field of Flexible and Tobacco Packaging in Bangladesh. Their customers include British American Tobacco Bangladesh Ltd., Nestle Bangladesh Ltd., Universal Foods Ltd. and more

OSHE foundation together with the ANROEV  and  BFTUC facilitated the injured workers and victim families to form the Tampaco Fire Accident victims Right Network (TFVRN) in order to represent their collective voice and public demands.  ,

However, so far the multinational companies which sourced their material from Tampaco have failed to take any responsibility.

We are requesting you to extend solidarity support for forcing these companies especially Nestle and British American Tobacco to compensate the victims and provide them medical support.

A petition started for this initiative can be found at the link below –


We ask IFSW members to express there solidarity by signing this petition.


Issued by the Bangladesh Association of Social Workers (ASW)