6 September 2011

Europe: Charter of Rights for Social Workers

The European Region of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) is pleased to announce the launch of a Charter of Rights for Social Workers and a DVD celebrating their achievements.

Social workers undertake a wide range of challenging responsibilities on behalf of the rest of society including the protection of children and vulnerable adults from abuse. They fight for the rights of individuals and groups who are marginalised and challenge injustice. Yet all too often they do not receive the level of support from their employers and society at large that is required to undertake such an important and demanding role.

The DVD highlights the contribution that social workers make to the well-being of individuals and groups who require support and assistance to overcome the very difficult situations that many citizens face at some time in their life.

The Charter of Rights summarises the support that social workers require to practise safely and secure the best possible outcomes for those using their services.

The Charter can be downloaded at: www.ifsw.org/europe

Further information can be obtained from:
Siobhan Maclean
IFSW European Executive Committee