20 March 2017

Happy Social Workers Day 2017

IFSW members and social workers worldwide,

Happy Social Workers Day 2017

The third Tuesday of every March is World Social Work Day, this month the 21st of March.

The event is celebrated in all parts of the globe with social workers marking the achievements of the profession and promoting social justice by taking messages to their governments, employers, communities and partner organisations.

This year’s theme is: ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’

IFSW President Ruth Stark said:

The environment in which we live affects us in all aspects of our life. It affects our health, our opportunity to work and our opportunity to play. It affects our relationships with each other and our relationships within our communities. It affects our ability to live peacefully with our neighbours, both on the micro and macro level. Without social health we do not have economic health that lead to safe, inclusive, sustainable communities. Social workers around the world are engaging with people whose environment causes them distress, harm or despair. They work with people in a journey to find positive change in their lives. Today is a time to reflect on what we have done successfully, what we can improve and plan for the next phase of our lives together making this a better world for everyone.

All social workers and interested people are invited to participate in this work worldwide event. Check with your local social work association/union or download the poster and place it in your workplace or community.

For more information see the World Social Work Day 2017 webpage. This page includes the WSWD poster in more than 40 languages, video messages from the IFSW President, IFSW Secretary-General, members the IFSW executive, information from IFSW member associations and what is happening at the United Nations. Also see the IFSW Facebook page to see photos and information of social work actions and celebrations throughout the world.

World Social Work Day events have already began in many places around the world. Please send photos, websites/Facebook links and a brief description to global@ifsw.org and IFSW will publish them all together as a record of 2017 WSWD.