5 March 2014

IFSW Endorses: Statement on Gender, Economic, Social and Ecological Justice for Sustainable Development A Feminist Declaration for Post 2015

During the second week of February, a group of 60 representatives of women’s rights organizations gathered for the Feminist Strategy Meeting in Tarrytown, New York. The meeting resulted in the drafting of the Feminist Declaration, in order to safeguard a feminist perspective within the post 2015 process. The Feminist Declaration presses for a development model that will work for women and girls of all ages and identities.

IFSW is one of the 340 endorsers of the Feminist Declaration. IFSW Representative to the United Nations in New York Dr Elaine Congress and intern Cathy Jeong commented:

“The social work profession is committed to women’s rights as intrinsic to advancing human rights and believe in intersectionality—how gender combines with other key social characteristics and statuses related to oppression, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, caste or class, age, gender identity and sexual expression, and (dis)ability—in working with women and girls.

Read the full text of the declaration here.