16 March 2018

IFSW Human Rights Commission: Concern on Imprisonment of Social Worker

Munther Amira, the former President of the Palestinian Social Workers Association has been convicted by the Israeli authorities for peacefully protesting against the detention of Palestinian minors. Mr Amira was sentenced to six months in prison and five years probation for peacefully participating in protests by Ofer military court in the occupied West Bank yesterday. He was sentenced on four charges relating to his participation in demonstrations, including “participating in a march without a permit”, holding placards in support of teenage activist Ahmed Tamimi and organising demonstrations without the authorisation of the Military Commander of the West Bank – none of which are recognised criminal offences under international law. The fact that he will be on probation after his release will mean that he is effectively silenced from engaging in peaceful demonstrations in the future as well.

The IFSW Human Rights Commission continues to advocate that the Israeli authorities release Munther and recognise the legitimacy of peaceful protest – and free our colleague.
Nigel Hall
IFSW Human Rights Commissioner

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