19 February 2018

IFSW joins in drafting recommendations for UNHCR on the needs of older refugees

In December 2016, the 193 Member States of the United Nations signed the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. Since then, civil society organizations took part on the thematic discussion and submitted proposals and recommendations so that the global compact (the outcome document) becomes a comprehensive roadmap for all governments.

IFSW was actively engaged in the drafting of recommendations for UNHCR on the subject of older refugees which aims to increase understanding of the roles and need of older refugees during each phase of displacement.

Priska Fleischlin, The IFSW Main Representative in Geneva said, ‘IFSW’s involvement in the drafting of the recommendations was important because as social workers we bring a holistic perspective seeing older refuges as a part of a community and family as well as having their own individual needs. Social workers see the strengths and capacities that older people bring to our societies’.

This document can be found at the website of UNCHR. To further this initiative, the NGO Committee on Ageing, Geneva is planning a side event during the 37th Human Rights Council at the UN Headquarters, Geneva on March 12th 2018. Information about the side event can be found here