4 November 2013

Impact of financial and political crisis in Madagascar – Social workers speak out

Social workers in Madagascar have spoken out to Aljazeera TV about the economic hardships in the country which prompt girls to take desperate measures with some deciding to work on the streets.

The effects of the political crisis in Madagascar, including withdrawal of international aid, extend far beyond the government according to the social workers.

The government comments that cases of abuse are not reported because people do not see them as crimes.

Aljazeera report on the work of UNICEF with young people on the streets.

‘The impact of poverty on people in Africa and the unfair distribution of the benefits of development were discussed at the recent Voices for Development conference in Johannesburg’, said Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary General.  ‘This will be highlighted in the forthcoming report from the Global Observatory on Social Work and Social Development, due to be published in July 2014.’

See the video here

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