7 November 2017

Invitation to Participate in a Survey Aimed at Bridging Gaps Between Social Work Education and Practice

Dear members of the social work profession,
people who use social work services,
employers of social workers,
social work educators
and representatives of governments,

The International Federation of Social Workers is the profession’s global body representing 3 million social workers in 126 countries. IFSW is now working towards closing the gaps between social work education and practice in order to maximise the best possible education for student social workers, the best outcomes for people that use social work services and their communities.

IFSW’s aim is to engage social work educators, national associations of social work and representatives of people that use social services, along with other interested parties in a discussion that will lead to the alignment of social work programmes with the Global Definition of Social Work and The Statement of Ethical Principles. It is further envisaged that by bringing education, the views of people that use services and practice into a common space will result in strengthening all parts of the profession and its contributions to people communities and society.

To initiate this work the IFSW Executive has established an interim Education Commission that is tasked with developing and presenting recommendations to the IFSW General Assembly in July 2018. The Interim Education commission has invited representation from people who use services and the International Association of the Schools of Social Work.

To start this work the interim Education Commission is therefore conducting a multi-phased consultation process for which we would like your input and participation.

In the link below is to a short online survey which we ask you to complete. The survey is open all social workers, social work educators, people that use social work services, employers of social work and relevant governmental bodies. The survey can be completed from now until 31st January 2018.

Based on the results of the survey draft recommendations will be developed by the IFSW Education Commission. The draft recommendations will be published in March 2018 and all people will be invited to give further feedback. A final daft will then be developed by the Education Commission that will be considered at the IFSW General Assembly in July 2018.