16 October 2012

New Acting Chief Executive of BASW explains why she chose to be a social worker

Bridget Robb, a senior staff member of the British Association of Social Workers, has taken over as Acting Chief Executive. She has worked for BASW for several years and has played a key role in the negotiations to form the proposed College of Social Work.


In this short article, Bridget explains how her teenage experiences of mental health services for people close to her influenced her choice of career.

Bridget started as a social worker in a local, multi-purpose social services office. She then moved into a number of different roles before becoming a Social Services Training Manager. Having flexibility when her children were younger meant that she was able to take on lots of part-time and fixed contract jobs that expanded her knowledge and skills. ‘I learnt to take chances when opportunities arose’, she writes. She later became head of a university social work department. In addition to her social work qualification she holds a higher education teaching qualification and a Masters in Business Administration. She has been an active BASW member from early in her career, serving on local and national policy committees before joining the staff.

Bridget concludes ‘I consider myself very lucky every day to have chosen social work as a career. I love what I do and I am very proud to be able to stand up and call myself a social worker’.

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