14 May 2018

New Social Work Ethical Code from Sweden

IFSW member The Swedish Union for Social Sciences Professionals (Akademikerförbundet SSR) has developed a new Ethical Code for Social Workers.

The Code promotes the Social Work Principles of:

  • Humanity And Solidarity
  • Human And Civil Rights
  • Welfare, Resources And Security
  • Liberty And Self-Determination
  • Dignity And Integrity – The Right To Live In Dignity
  • Democracy And Participation
  • Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities, Equal Treatment – A Level Playing Field For All
  • Social Justice


Dr. Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General said, “It’s wonderful to see national social work organisation’s reviewing and updating their codes of ethics. The Swedish code sets a very good example as it reaches beyond what social workers ‘should or should not do’. It articulates a sustainable model for society based-on international social work insights and understandings: Solidarity, humanity, democracy and participation for all in socially just societies.”

Link to read the Code here.