1 February 2012

Scholarship to attend the 2012 IFSW General Meeting

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) invites applications from social workers to apply for a travel, daily allowance and accommodation scholarship to attend the 2012 General Meeting to be held on the 7th and 8th of July 2012 in Stockholm. The scholarships are only for social workers who would not otherwise be able to attend the event due to financial restrictions. There are approximately 5 scholarships available worldwide.

  • All applications must be submitted with the following written information:
  • the applicant’s name, address, field and place of social work practice
  • a demonstrated strong history of contributions to social work through their association, location or field of practice
  • a statement on how the applicant’s region or country will benefit from the experience of attending the General Meeting
  • a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s Social Work Association. In countries where there is not a formal Social Work Association the applicants need to provide a letter of recommendation from a recognised social work body
  • information on a return transportation / airfare costs to Stockholm


The scholarship covers transportation to and from the General Meeting, a daily allowance and accommodation for 3 nights. The IFSW General Meeting is immediately before the Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development. Successful applicants would need to pay for their own conference registration fee and extra accommodation costs, if they wanted to attend.


Applications should be sent by email to the IFSW Secretariat (global@ifsw.org). The successful applicants of the scholarship will be selected jointly by the Secretariat and Regional Presidents. Applications will need to be made by 1st of April 2012. The scholarship winners will be informed by the end of April.