2 June 2017

Slovakia and El Salvador join IFSW

The IFSW Secretariat has the great pleasure to announce that we have two new members!

The Slovak Chamber of Social Workers and Social Work Assistants, and the Association of Social Workers of El Salvador have been successfully voted in as full IFSW members.

The Secretariat congratulates both new members and wishes to thank all the IFSW members that participated in the election.

IFSW President Ruth Stark said, ‘IFSW now has 126 country members that represent more than 3 million professional social workers worldwide. I congratulate and welcome our new members and look forward to meeting them at our next General Meeting in Dunlin next year’.

Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General said, ‘The social work profession continues to expand and rise to a new levels of cooperation and solidarity. Social work is essential to every country and the profession is growing for many reasons. One reason is that research demonstrates that for every $1 spent on social services there is a $3 return to the economy. Social work is also critical as a profession that actively supports people’s social rights, self-determination, human rights and their dignity. We are delighted with the success of these new applications for IFSW membership and we look forward to working with our colleagues in Slovakia and El Savador.”