16 March 2013

Social Work Month in Canada – Social workers defending social programs for a stronger Canada

North America celebrates Social Work in March every year.  World Social Work Day also takes place during this period.

Canada is experiencing accelerated changes at the national level that is altering, in almost every aspect, its relationship to the federation.  From the Criminal Justice System to Old Age Security to tax expenditures, the rebranding of Canada will resound, both at home and abroad, for generations to come.

As a result of the recently accelerated legislative and funding changes, the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) and the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) have chosen the theme Social Workers Defending Social Programs for a Stronger Canada to jointly proclaim March 2013, National Social Work Month.

“At their minimum, strong, equitable and accountable social programs are society’s strongest security against crime and exploitation of others” states Dr. Carolyn Campbell, CASWE President. “At their best, they permit people and society opportunities to reach our potential.”

With most provinces and territories adopting poverty reduction plans, it has become clear that Canada requires a national plan. The Government of Canada’s participation in a poverty reduction plan is essential given the billions transferred each year in support of the delivery of social and health services. A national strategy would ensure that all Canadians, regardless of their age or where they live, would have equitable access to programs and services to support living with dignity and respect.

“With the rules governing Canada’s equalization program and affordable housing agreements set to expire in 2014, the federal government has opportunity to proactively address the growing income inequity gap in Canada” states Morel Caissie, CASW President. “We encourage the government to reinstate conditions to the social transfer, introduce new standards for post secondary education, housing, and poverty; and to create new child care service programs with enforceable standards.”


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