19 August 2014

Statement by the North American Region of IFSW on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

SW For peace and SD

The roots of the social work profession are grounded in the principles of peace and social justice. Social workers in North America are united by our respective Codes of Ethics in which the promotion and well-being of humans, regardless of location or nationality are prioritized. Accordingly the North American Region of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW, at this time in history, is compelled by ethical responsibility to respond to the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

As a profession, we support all efforts to address and redress violations of peace and economic and social justice by emphasizing nonviolent and peaceful solutions and remedies. Thus, this statement is a call to action for leaders within the international community to seek peaceful solutions to the current disagreements that are based on human dignity and right to self-determination for all people.

To this end, we support an international community intervention and policy approach that including the tools of the social work profession; diplomacy, mediation, and reconciliation. Participation of organizations such as the United Nations and international allies are critical steps in finding constructive, collaborative means to deal with the current conflicts and reignite the peace process.

The North American region of ISFW urges international leaders to immediately respond to this call to action, the human dignity and worth of both Israeli and Palestinian generations demands a swift and effective international response.

We urge a vision for peace based on the principle that all peoples in the region have the right to be free; ISFW believes that freedom and social and economic equality are preconditions to sustainable peace.

As international leaders seeking good-faith efforts for common ground for peace, the IFSW is positioned to partner with leaders as advocates for conditions where a person’s nationality does not predict their quality of life and all are afforded a fair chance for a better life.


Morel Caissie, President for North America

Darrell Wheeler, Member-at-large for North America