30 November 2017

Statement on unaccompanied minors – from the French Association of Social Work Assistants

Young people declaring themselves unaccompanied minors: place and function of the social service assistant Opinion of the National Association of Social Work Assistants on the treatment of young people declaring themselves unaccompanied minors and the disturbing confusion between social support and social control ANAS denounces the treatment of young foreigners who declare themselves to be minors accompanied by (MNA) and their difficulty in obtaining an adapted multidisciplinary global support (social, legal and medico-psychological) and to have their rights recognized. Indeed, to be cared for by child protection, these young people are subject to a specific procedure within which they are put in the position of having to prove the veracity about their minority and their family isolation. For that, they are forced to an evaluation procedure which results in the transmission of a reasoned opinion to the chairman of the departmental. This procedure combines: a “social assessment” conducted during one or several interviews and, if necessary, forensic expertise (involving bone tests). The purpose is to check their age if a doubt persists. ANAS considers that this arrangement is unacceptable from an ethical point of view and ethical, both in the way it has been thought and in the context in which it unfolds in fact.

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