2 February 2017

Trump’s Interference with Human and Social Rights


The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) is extremely concerned by the policies implemented by the President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump, since these visibly violate human and social rights that have been achieved in recent years.

We, as a global organisation, expressly reject the latest policies approved by Mr. Trump’s administration that restrict the entry and residence of Muslim refugees on North American soil. As sustained by the Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, “today President Trump is closing the door to children, mothers and fathers who are fleeing away from violence and war”.

The so-called ‘Muslim ban’ is a matter that seems to us to be deeply unjust and inhuman. Belonging to a given country and/or culture does not make you a suspect, offender or terrorist. As social workers we are concerned that this ‘collective imaginary’ is growing among the society. This can only deepens the violence, intolerance, racism, xenophobia and discrimination by religious faiths. Thus, we call upon the Government of the United States of America to restart previous policies for the protection of refugees, regardless of their race, nationality or religion.

We are also concerned that the sections covering the areas of LGBTQ rights, climate change and the translation options into Spanish language, all have been removed from the official White House web page. These are, again, more measures that have been implemented by President Trump and that doubtlessly undermine human rights and freedom of information and speech, having a direct impact on democracy not only as a way of governing but also as a way of life.

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) promotes the solidarity and unity of all human beings without distinction of race, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology and lifestyle. IFSW also defends the respect towards the plurality of voices, the freedom of expression and the freedom of movement of human beings around the world. Hence, in the presence of measures that profoundly damage the real and effective concept of democracy as a way of life, embracing values such as the respect, solidarity, citizenship, Human Rights, freedom of worship, sexual orientation, the rights of women: we cannot remain silent.

Our most sincere solidarity goes to those who are directly suffering the consequences of these governmental policies.

Last but not least, we want to recall the words of Mary Wollstonecraft: “The world does not need charity, but justice!”

Issued by,

Dra. Silvana Martinez
IFSW President of the Latin American and Caribbean Region