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Main area of work at the UN: Ageing

Short description of work at the UN:
Priska Fleischlin graduated with a Masters of Science in Social Work in Lucerne, Switzerland. Her Bachelor and Master Thesis were focused on the ‘Social Worker’s Empowerment in developing aid’ and ‘Cohesion in transnational transdisciplinary Project-Teams.’ Concerning the latter topic, she also analyzed the conversation of virtual meetings.
As a representative of the IFSW to the United Nations she focuses mainly on Ageing because of her working experience with elderly people for more than ten years. Those over the ages of 60 are the world’s fastest growing age-group, mostly in developing countries. Worldwide, Social Workers view the elderly as a heterogeneous group: They range from those with great agility and independence to the very vulnerable with high-maintenance needs. As a professional Social Worker, it is of great importance to Priska Fleischlin to represent the Human Rights of these individuals in order to protect their dignity and well-being.