IFSW’s Statements (PDF Edition)



Product Description

This book brings together a selection of statements made by IFSW in the last 15 years. It charts a period of turmoil and crises during that time that have hit individuals and communities across the world. The statements collated here examine issues that affect individuals but also communities and societies. They include very personal issues like sexual orientation and the best interest of children. They include the effects of natural disasters on people. They highlight the effect of the trauma faced by displaced people who try to escape wars and civil unrest, where others seek power and control over them.

These statements show the collective voice of social work to crises and situations where the international social work community has stood in solidarity with people on a journey of change to a new sense of well-being. This book will be of relevance to all people charting the development of social work after the end of the 20th century through the first part of the 21st century. It illustrates the breadth and depth of social work in our world.