Social Work Around the World V (Paperback)


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This fifth edition in the series of Social Work Around the World coincides with the ongoing initiative to develop a Global Agenda. Like the previous issues of this series, the focus of this book is on social work practice or education in different countries and cultures – but also related specifically to the initiative to develop a Global Agenda in social work and social development. The development of a Global Agenda gives us the opportunity to take stock of our past experiences and to articulate a new and crucial vision for engagement that can mobilize our members and partners. This book reflects on these experiences and suggests social work initiatives and values that will help to shape social work into the future. With chapters in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the book highlights key concerns from the four major themes of the Global Agenda:
1. Social and economic inequalities within countries and between regions
2. Dignity and worth of the person
3. Environmental Sustainability
4. Importance of human relationships
The development of a Global Agenda gives us both the opportunity to take stock of our past experiences and to articulate a new and crucial vision for engagement that can mobilize our members and partners – and beyond!

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Note on the Editor

Nigel Hall is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Social Work, Kingston University, London, UK, and has both academic and practical experience of social work in the UK, Zimbabwe and other African countries. Nigel has represented the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) over many years in several capacities, most recently with responsibility for publications. He is also a Board member of the Commonwealth Organisation for Social Work (COSW). Nigel has authored and edited a variety of publications on HIV/AIDS, development, poverty alleviation and social work. He is presently the IFSW representative to the Editorial Policy Committee of International Social Work.



Chapter 1 … Page 15
Ebony and Ivory – Sharing Colour and Cultures… as Trusted Friends and as National Assessors for the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers
Emma Webber-Dreadon and Merrill Simmons Hansen

Chapter 2 … Page 27
Global Agenda on Social Work and Social Development: Voices from South Asian Social Work
Bala Raju Nikku

Chapter 3 … Page 41
Workplace Stress in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster (New Zealand)
Kate van Heugten

Chapter 4 … Page 53
Crossing Borders: Migrant Social Workers as Global Professionals (New Zealand)
Christa Fouché & Liz Beddoe

Chapter 5 … Page 65
The illusion of Universalism: Persistent Inequality in Uganda’s Education Sector Amidst a Universal Primary Education Policy
Janestic M. Twikirize

Chapter 6 … Page 75
The Impact of Community Soccer on Community Development in Nigeria
Sunday Ofili Ibobor

Chapter 7 … Page 89
Reading the Past, Understanding the Present and Predicting the Future: the Cypriot Social Work Case
Stefanos Spaneas

Chapter 8 … Page 103
Developing Child Protection Groups in Remote Island Communities of the Maldives
Ahmed Hussain, Mohamed Agleem, Mariya Ali and Michael O’Dempsey

Chapter 9 … Page 115
Human Rights and Social Work in Post-Communist Lithuania
Dalija Snieškienė

Chapter 10 … Page 125
Violence Against the Elderly. Challenges for Social Workers (Portugal)
Maria Irene Lopes Bogalho de Carvalho

Chapter 11 … Page 135
Participatory Research with the Women of Thabong, Mazenod, Lesotho
Karen Dullea

Chapter 12 … Page 153
An Overview of the Public Policy to Combat Violence Against Children and Adolescents in São Paulo, Brazil
Josiane Moraes

Chapter 13 … Page 165
Immigration and Labor: An Expression of the Social Question in Flexible Capitalism (Brazil/Portugal) (in Portuguese)
Maria Augusta Tavares

Chapter 14 … Page 175
Alliance for the Defence of the Social Services: Spanish Network in Defence of Social Rights and a Public System of Social Services (in Spanish)
Ana Isabel Lima Fernández

Chapter 15 … Page 187
Building Social Equity (in Spanish) (Argentina)
Laura Acotto & Viviana Guardia

Chapter 16 … Page 203
Democracy and Social Inequality in Latin America (in Spanish) (Argentina)
Silvana Martínez & Juan Agüero

Chapter 17 … Page 213
Sustainable Geographical Development in Uruquay (in Spanish)
Claudia Kuzma

Author Profiles … Page 225