Social Work: Making a World of Difference (Paperback)


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Product Description

This fourth edition of Social Work Around the World coincides with the 50th Jubilee of the International Federation of Social Workers and is due for launch at the 18th World Conference of Social Work to be held in Munich in August 2006 – the city where the revitalized IFSW was set up in August 1956.
In 2006 IFSW gathers member organizations from 80 countries representing just under 500,000 social workers across the world – having grown from just 12 member organizations fifty years ago. This book contains articles on social policy with a focus on poverty, human rights, and the public ‘image’ of the social work profession, all linked by the bridge of ethics. These are the core issues on the agenda of the Federation and reflect the engagement of IFSW in its 50th year. They are written by practitioners and academics from different regions of the Federation, and describe important challenges for the social work profession as well as social work practice around the world.