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Social Work Responses to Austerity (PDF Edition)



Social Work Responses to Austerity is the first volume of the Social Work in Action Series

Product Description

The International Federation of Social Workers brought together country representatives from Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Spain and UK to create links between the social workers in austerity affected countries for shared learning, support, solidarity and joint action.

Thanks to the hosting and organisation of the Hellenic Association of Social Workers, the representatives also visited many social work
agencies in Athens. This book comes with a foreword by IFSW President Ruth Stark and encompasses country reports from Greece, Iceland, Italy, Portugal Spain and the UK.

Last but not least, the book contains the official outcome statement of the symposium.
Dedication 7
Foreword 9
    Social Work in Austerity 10
    The context of Social Protection Systems 10
    Changes in demography 11
    The Politics of Insecurity 12
    Public perceptions, media, politics and fear 13
Introduction 15
Greece 25
    Projects of medical actions 25
    Projects regarding unaccompanied minors 26
    Projects for provision of food and supporting service on the front line 27
    Accommodation projects for vulnerable groups 28
    Collaboration with the first reception services 28
Iceland 30
    Iceland – a small society 30
    Social Work in Iceland 31
    The Icelandic Association of Social Workers 32
    The Government’s Reaction to the Crisis 33
    Reykjavík City’s Reaction 37
    IASW Reaction 38
Italy 42
    Reflections document AssNAS on the “Debate and proposal for Welfare” 44
    Reflections of the line of austerity adopted in the EU 46
Portugal 49
    News from Portugal 49
Spain 52
    Effects of austerity measures 52
    The role of social workers in supporting individuals, families and communities 57
    Actions taken by the Spanish Association of Social Work and the impact said actions
    have had on clients, political structures and also on communities 59
     Bibliography 65
United Kingdom 69
    Context of austerity 69
    Impact of austerity 70
    Examples of the effects 71
    Impact on social workers 71
    Examples of impact on social workers 72
    Actions taken by the Association (BASW) 72
    European/Global response 73