20 February 2012


Proposed by the Canadian Association of Social Workers

IFSW General Meeting, 25-27 July 2000 Montréal, Québec, Canada

Whereas there is a rapidly growing, ageing population in many parts of the world; and

Whereas this population will put unprecedented pressure on health and other service systems; and

Whereas the ageing population has a right to a fulfilling and productive life and is not being adequately consulted about its own needs;

Be it Resolved that

IFSW and its member organisations identify means of sharing information about best practices in work with ageing populations;

IFSW encourage its member organisations to put priority on the ageing population as a client group, encouraging lifestyles throughout the entire life cycle;

IFSW and its member organisations work in co-operation with appropriate governmental and non-governmental organisations (particularly with the World Health Organization – Department for Health Promotion, Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention and Surveillance, and with the Global Movement for Active Ageing) to promote social policy and social programs supportive of active ageing.