20 February 2012


Proposed by the Canadian Association of Social Workers
IFSW General Meeting, 25-27 July 2000 Montréal, Québec, Canada

Whereas globilazation is recognized as a world wide phenomenon that has fundamentally affected the world’s economic and social structures; and

Whereas, the process of globilazation is creating a widening gap between rich and poor; and

Whereas, the benefits of globilazation come at the cost of destroying the world’s resources and environment, and create destructive social and economic conditions for the poor and marginalized; and

Given the values of social work as a respecter of human rights and social justice;

Be it Resolved that

IFSW build a position statement concerning globilazation and its effects, that it and its member organizations will use to actively advocate on behalf of our environment and on behalf of affected populations;

IFSW encourage its member organizations to monitor international economic treaties and agreements and actively lobby for social charter provisions in those treaties and agreements.