20 February 2012

Victims of violent conflicts

Jane Addams in 1931, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and global pioneer social worker said:

We believe that war, seeking its end through coercion, not only interrupts but fatally reverses the process of cooperating good will, which if it has a chance would eventually include the human family itself.


Due to the global escalation of conflicts and worldwide oppressive political activities, IFSW expresses its dismay at the threat to the well being of the world’s most vulnerable citizens: women, children, the elderly, the disabled and the poor, who are disproportionately affected by these conflicts.

To that end we encourage nations to find non-violent humanitarian solutions, using the principles enshrined in the IFSW Principle on Ethics in Social Work and instruments of policy member organizations are urged to act to inform their respective governments of the IFSW’s commitment to peace and the observance of Human Rights and Social Justice.

Furthermore we urge member organizations to support and advance the United Nations in their peace keeping role.

IFSW urges all nations and groups to achieve self determination through the use of non-violent, humanitarian solutions.
IFSW emphasizes the right of all peoples to live in an environment in which essential human rights and social justice are respected.
IFSW reiterates its commitment to the principals expressed in the Code of Ethics for Human Rights, dignity and social justice.

Presented by
Brian Auslander

United States
Gary Bailey

New Zealand
Buster Curson