30 November 2011

Report: Work 2011 at UNHCR, Geneva

Sixth Report on Representing IFSW at UNHCR, at the UNO-Geneva in 2011
IFSW contact: Tobias Roosen

The point of view of this report is to look towards – in general as well as on particular items – the status and the quality of protection of refugees and the situation of statelessness. As it is my collection of items, it follows those of people of concern of UNHCR and of those of practical Social Work.
The wider perspective is to deliver an overview on topics and developments around the origins of migration flows – current discussed in UNHCR and in practical Social Work and to show where are protection gaps exist. First UNHCR evaluated one in Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming, AGDM, the second one in SGBV. And SGBV is happening to the most vulnerable – as the majority of refugees are women.

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